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Should Greece default?

Even if you are not from EU, the Greek debt crisis affects you. All the world markets react to the news about their situation, but, truth be told, I’m already tired of reading about their slow agony. Time has come for a coup de grâce. As Mario Blejer has said, “Greece should default, and default big. A small default is worse than a big default and also worse than no default.” It will be better for us all. Yes, it will be painful, but delaying the inevitable is even worse.

Fun Geography Exam

Most of the time, if I encounter some mini-game/test on Internet, I do not bother to check them out, because they are kinda trivial and stupid, but this mini-game should be interesting to all the travelers out there. Do you know the world around you really well?
How Well Do You Know Your World?
I must admit, my knowledge of Geography is not superb. For example, South&Central Africa and the most parts of Asia are mysteries to me. Well, I hope to travel there sometime in the future. It should improve my knowledge, right? 🙂