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Cross-compatible File System

It is never easy to choose file system. There is no “best” file system for absolutely everything. Each and every one of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some are better with small files(ReiserFS), some provide online resizing(Btrfs) and some just try to be the best in “everyday use”, but can’t compete with specialized file systems in their area of dominance(ext3).

When I bought 3TB external hard drive, I wanted to be able to mount it on Windows, Max OS X and Linux. I spent some time contemplating on advantages and disadvantages of various choices, studied this wonderful table on wikipedia and finally decided to use exFAT. Yes, it is proprietary. Yes, there are no kernel drivers in Linux. Yes, there is no journaling. Yes, I’m not fully satisfied with this choice. But you can install some beta drivers to solve driver problem on Linux(emerge sys-fs/fuse-exfat for Gentoo users) and on Mac OS X/Windows it just works. I just hope that I won’t lose any data because of lack of journaling.

UEFI Secure Boot – Rebutting Microsoft

You have probably heard about dubious UEFI Secure Boot technology, which backed up by Microsoft. There are suspicions that this technology is just a clever ploy by Microsoft to monopolize the desktop market even more. Few days ago Microsoft responded to these accusations with their usual MS style marketing bullshit. If you’ve read that article carefully, you should have seen that they haven’t denied the accusations at all. So, Matthew Garrett from Red Hat wrote his own response, where he presents, why we can’t trust Microsoft. Here are some known facts:

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Web Browser Grand Prix VI

Tom’s hardware once again released a web browser performance comparison. They put the 5 major browsers through ~30 tests, both on Windows 7 and Mac OS X. It’s a shame that they haven’t done the Linux tests this time, but according to one of their previous Grand Prix, results should be similar to those of Windows 7. I was shocked how good Safari performed on Mac OS X, but it’s native OS for this browser. Still, Chrome was declared champion in Windows. It’s probably possible, but I can’t understand, how Firefox, this performance hog, came as close second. Well, they haven’t tested them with 50-60 open tabs(usually I have exactly such a number of them open), so, maybe, this is the reason.
I will stick with Opera anyway. Nothing has changed here.