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Radeon Linux Graphics Comparison

Have you ever wondered how well the open source AMD Radeon drivers fare against the proprietary? I bet you did. Especially, if you are an AMD Radeon graphics card owner. Your curiosity can be satisfied fully now. Michael Larabel provides “The Most Comprehensive AMD Radeon Linux Graphics Comparison”. And it isn’t exaggeration. The guy has put an absolutely staggering amount of work into this article.

Web Browser Grand Prix VI

Tom’s hardware once again released a web browser performance comparison. They put the 5 major browsers through ~30 tests, both on Windows 7 and Mac OS X. It’s a shame that they haven’t done the Linux tests this time, but according to one of their previous Grand Prix, results should be similar to those of Windows 7. I was shocked how good Safari performed on Mac OS X, but it’s native OS for this browser. Still, Chrome was declared champion in Windows. It’s probably possible, but I can’t understand, how Firefox, this performance hog, came as close second. Well, they haven’t tested them with 50-60 open tabs(usually I have exactly such a number of them open), so, maybe, this is the reason.
I will stick with Opera anyway. Nothing has changed here.

Fun Geography Exam

Most of the time, if I encounter some mini-game/test on Internet, I do not bother to check them out, because they are kinda trivial and stupid, but this mini-game should be interesting to all the travelers out there. Do you know the world around you really well?
How Well Do You Know Your World?
I must admit, my knowledge of Geography is not superb. For example, South&Central Africa and the most parts of Asia are mysteries to me. Well, I hope to travel there sometime in the future. It should improve my knowledge, right? 🙂