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Google, NTP and leaping seconds

If you are working in a 24/7 environment as I do, you should already know the importance of knowing the correct time. Sometimes even milliseconds do matter. Usually we rely on Network Time Protocol(or simply NTP) and atomic/GPS clocks.

But as you probably know, our Earth isn’t the perfect sphere. Don’t forget the various forces, which influence the Earth’s trajectory and you will understand why there is need for the concept such as the leap seconds. Leap seconds were introduced to synchronize the timescale to the rotation of Earth. Additional second can cause various problems in the systems, where correct time is very important, for example, in large distributed data centers such as Google’s. Google applied pretty neat patch to their own NTP servers to solve the problem. I think, it’s just a matter of time before this patch is introduced in the public NTP software.

Cool Glowing Cats

Glowing pets aren’t new, but genetic engineers continue to amaze us. This time scientists have inserted some genes into test cats to gain new insights into AIDS. As an additional effect – felines started to glow in the dark.

Glowing Cat

It would be pretty damn cool to own such an awesome pet, but I guess that its price will be similar to those mentioned in this article, if these cats will be available to the general public at all.