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Galaxy Note. Part II

I am a happy user of Samsung Galaxy Note for more than a month already and I wasn’t planning to write more about it. But as it turns out, my overview of this smartphone is the most popular thing I have written so far in this blog. So, I decided to appease my readers by writing the continuation. There will be no photos this time, just some facts and my thoughts on this gadget after a month of usage.

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Android is based on Linux, but it has one major flaw – it isn’t truly open. 2 days ago Linux Foundation together with LiMo Foundation announced a new project – Tizen. Tizen is a standards- and Linux-based software platform. According to the announcement, Tizen will support not only smartphones and tablets, but also netbooks and various embedded devices. The project is backed up by two giants: Intel and Samsung. First release is expected in the first quarter of 2012.

It would be nice to have one truly open source mobile operating system and we  can be sure that at least one company will produce Tizen-based phones.