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Censorship in Russia

Advocates of censorship always say that they are thinking about how to protect the minds of good, true citizens. Of course, this is just another version of propaganda – if your citizens can’t access “bad” information, they will be accessing something else – something, what could direct them to “the right” thoughts.

It’s sad that in the 21th century some politicians are still thinking that this is a viable path. And although Russia has a long history of media control, I just can’t imagine, what some bureaucrat could possibly have been thinking, when he banned following video:

According to drug and/or vodka influenced mind of some Russian government official, this video promotes suicide and shouldn’t be watched by the good citizens. Illogical? Well, we are talking about censorship here – it lacks logic by definition.

Meanwhile in Russia

I won’t be ranting about severity of the sentence for “Pussy Riot” activist group. Well, I am even not one of their supporters – I think that they acted like some stupid teenagers(although they aren’t teenagers per se), but it was interesting to watch the show trial. It showed the true colours of the current Russian regime. Pussy Riot

From the beginning it was obvious for pretty much everyone how the trial would end. I can’t resist to present a quote from the sentence: Continue reading Meanwhile in Russia

Unrests in Russia

“Politics in Russia” is kinda interesting topic. Russia has major influence on the world’s affairs and because of that, nobody can be fully impartial on what’s going there. I have many friends from Russia and all of them have been talking only about Duma elections for the past few days. Well, to be precise, they have been talking about the election fraud. Although Medvedev has ordered to investigate the alleged vote rigging, no one truly believes in his sincerity, because all vote rigging was done in the favour of the ruling party, “United Russia”. Continue reading Unrests in Russia

Professional Russian Mayhem

Do you know, what I like the best about the USA? Their gun laws. I can’t understand, how somebody could be against weapons. Weapons are cool and, more importantly, every sane, adult person should have ability to protect himself and his family, if it’s needed. Sadly, most governments on our planet think that their citizens are stupid children and shouldn’t be allowed to possess a gun. Well, if that’s the case in your country, you could at least enjoy some crazy videos from the USA. Nobody will forbid you that.

Apparently the author of these videos is Russian. Many Russians, probably, envy him, because gun laws in Russia are very strict and you couldn’t film anything like this in the Motherland.