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Meanwhile in Russia

I won’t be ranting about severity of the sentence for “Pussy Riot” activist group. Well, I am even not one of their supporters – I think that they acted like some stupid teenagers(although they aren’t teenagers per se), but it was interesting to watch the show trial. It showed the true colours of the current Russian regime. Pussy Riot

From the beginning it was obvious for pretty much everyone how the trial would end. I can’t resist to present a quote from the sentence: Continue reading Meanwhile in Russia

Rebellion against Big Brother

As you have, probably, heard already, the two major fascist governments – USA and UK(well, the usual bunch), have been spying on their own citizens for the last decade. And I’m not talking about some minor privacy violations we have got used to already. No, I’m talking about massive Big Brother system like in the Person of Interest TV series. Well, the reality, as it happens, is scarier than the fiction. Have you missed it? It’s been all over the news for the last few days. It’s also worth mentioning that apparently Wikileaks was under DDoS attack, because of revealing this particular truth.Anonymous logoIn the past I thought that Anonymous hacktivist group consists from mostly naive ideologists, whose actions were sometimes funny, but most of the time – just useless, but today I welcome their new operation against the Big Brother. I am not sure that they will succeed, but the more dirt they uncover on all, who is behind the Trapwire project, the better it will be for all of us. Maybe I’m too conservative, but privacy is not the price I’m willing to pay for security.

Stopping the unstopable

Is it possible to put the genie back into a bottle? U.S. senator Al Franken thinks so. He would like to implement regulations of the facial recognition technology. As much as I dislike this scary technology and would like to have my privacy protected as much as it is possible, I do not think that the regulations would change anything. They won’t stop, for sure, government agencies from spying on us. Same goes for the big corporations, like Facebook – they have build profiles on millions of people already. Can we ban software? Maybe in some crazy politician’s wet dream. Soon we will have cameras identifying us in the real time, and as terrifying as it is – it’s unavoidable.

Only thing we can do – implement the better data protection laws. Every company, which is responsible for a leak of our data, should be punished severely. Person(s) responsible for a leak should have long term vacation in a nearest jail. And definitely, all the resale of our private data should be prohibited. Can’t keep our data safe? Find another business model!

Internet Defense League

As you have probably noticed, there is a notification bar urging you to join Internet Defense League(IDL). IDL is a coalition of pro-Internet activists, websites, organizations and politicians. Mozilla, Reddit, Imgur, WordPress and many others have joined the initiative already. IDL’s purpose is to defend Internet’s freedom from anti-Internet movement popular in some circles. Do you hate PIPA/SOPA? Have you protested against ACTA? Well, then join IDL and be informed when a new threat to our freedom arises. If you have your own project, you can add small script to your web page, and when another threat, like ACTA-2, appears on the horizon, your users will be informed about it and they will be able to help combat this threat. Let’s stop the enemies of the Internet. If you won’t do this, then who will?

Member of The Internet Defense League


Only two weeks have passed since the famous SOPA blackout day. SOPA and PIPA were stopped and rightly so, but another danger looms on the horizon. Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement aka ACTA was developed by the same parties to achieve the same goals. Developed in secret. Developed to stomp our freedoms and to give even more power to the corporations. The world of the cyberpunk novels is coming and governments are eager to turn our society into dystopia. Politicians talk about the human rights and freedoms, but enact fascist policies. We are so used to hypocrisy of lawmakers that we do not notice it.

Do you think that more power to copyright holders is a good thing? Would you enjoy random searches on a border without a warrant? Are you comfortable with the fact that your ISP will be forced to spy on you? Do you think that DRM circumvention for ANY reason should be punishable by law? No? Then let your representatives in the government hear your voice. Read the agreement, sign the petition, support FSF and act while it is still not too late. Act to protect your rights, your privacy, your freedom.


Unrests in Russia

“Politics in Russia” is kinda interesting topic. Russia has major influence on the world’s affairs and because of that, nobody can be fully impartial on what’s going there. I have many friends from Russia and all of them have been talking only about Duma elections for the past few days. Well, to be precise, they have been talking about the election fraud. Although Medvedev has ordered to investigate the alleged vote rigging, no one truly believes in his sincerity, because all vote rigging was done in the favour of the ruling party, “United Russia”. Continue reading Unrests in Russia