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FrOSCon 2014

Just came back from FrOSCon. I was really impressed by quality of the event. Lots of people, interesting lectures. I’ve learned quite a lot about new(and not so new) open source products, deepened my knowledge in two factor authentication(especially in LinOTP, which looks like very promising product – I’ll definitely implement it wherever I can), gained some insights into logging and monitoring.

And the best part: ticket costed only 5€ – they were the best 5€ I’ve ever spent.

Tears of Steel

Blender Foundation released 4th short movie – “Tears of Steel”(codename “Mango“). Its main purpose – to show everybody that open source tools are awesome. Of course they are, as is the open source community. The acting, however, could be better(this time we can see a work of some real actors). But it is quite good demonstration of the technology, which can be used to persuade all the skeptics, which think that you need expensive proprietary software to achieve anything worthwhile.

Well, it is good, but it isn’t superb. I could use this adjective only for the previous movie made by the same foundation. If you haven’t seen it, be sure to check it out.