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Aeroflot? Never again!

I travel a lot. I do it for both personal and business reasons.  I travel by car, by train and, of course, by plane. The latter is especially important in my life, because sometimes I feel like George Clooney’s character from “Up in the Air” movie. I know differences between various frequent flyer programs, I have my favourite airlines and I have experienced both good and bad stuff there. However, I never before had any problems with my baggage. I guess, I was lucky, because I have heard various stories about it and, knowing math, statistics and probability theory, I was expecting that this would happen. I was mentally prepared.


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IPv6 Support

As it is common for IT conferences, FOSDEM has had Wi-Fi available for all. Only IPv6 though. No IPv4. It put me to shame, because I realised that I could not check my email and reach my blog in these circumstances. This gave me enough motivation to go through IPv6 certification program from Hurricane Electric. They provide almost no theoretical information to go through, only practical tasks. You need to figure out by yourself how to complete them. Challenging? Not really, but I’ve learned a lot about IPv6 while googling and researching about each task. I can recommend it for everyone interested in the subject!My certificate
By the way, because these were very practical tasks, at the end I got a completely working IPv6 setup on my server. I can be sure that I’ll be able to check my mail now in IPv6-only environment.

LinuxCon. Day III. Final.

The third(and the last) day for me can be summarised pretty easily by “I saw Linus!”. 🙂 Indeed, I saw Linus, although I almost missed his keynote. I got kinda late(10 minutes before the start) to the room where the talk was supposed to take place and the organisers weren’t letting anyone in despite lots of chairs being free inside. I believe that it had something to do with german buerocracy and they were following some strange process. But before riots started, some woman from US came in and put pressure on local organizers to let us in. To our joy they gave up and let us in, right before the Linus’ talk(Note to self: come earlier next time).Linus Continue reading LinuxCon. Day III. Final.

LinuxCon. Day I. First impressions.

LinuxCon LogoI always wanted to visit LinuxCon, but for various reasons couldn’t. This year I am attending this event and hopefully I’ll be able to meet Linus Torvalds and Lennard Poettering. The former just because he is, well, Linus Torvalds and the latter – because I want to say to him personally everything I am thinking about systemdContinue reading LinuxCon. Day I. First impressions.

Lotsa fun today

I had a possibility today to test ride some bikes. There were many options, but I eventually chose 3 models:

Honda was somehow very sensitive on low gears. Slightest turn of my wrist made me shiver a little, because it felt soooo… unpredictable. Maybe you just need to get used to it, dunno.  Anyway, this jerky acceleration wasn’t as bad compared to my experience on the second bike – KTM Duke.

I have never ridden supermoto before so every turn felt like a big challenge. I even tried to stick out my leg, like motocross riders do, but it felt completely wrong nonetheless.

Yamaha R6The last one, Yamaha R6, was a great surprise. Yes, sitting position isn’t made for long tours, but despite this everything else was outstanding. Easy to turn, smooth to accelerate, enough power to satisfy almost everyone. Very, very nice bike. I had a blast with it and I definitely want it now…

FrOSCon 2014

Just came back from FrOSCon. I was really impressed by quality of the event. Lots of people, interesting lectures. I’ve learned quite a lot about new(and not so new) open source products, deepened my knowledge in two factor authentication(especially in LinOTP, which looks like very promising product – I’ll definitely implement it wherever I can), gained some insights into logging and monitoring.

And the best part: ticket costed only 5€ – they were the best 5€ I’ve ever spent.


Apologies to my readers for the long pause. I was busy dealing with RL issues. New country. New people. New job. I just had no time for blogging. But my life is more or less orderly now(well, as much as something inherently chaotic could be) and I will continue with writing. In the nearest days expect to see one more post about Cologne, my new city, and, as usual, posts about Linux, new technologies and my other interests.