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Aeroflot? Never again!

I travel a lot. I do it for both personal and business reasons.  I travel by car, by train and, of course, by plane. The latter is especially important in my life, because sometimes I feel like George Clooney’s character from “Up in the Air” movie. I know differences between various frequent flyer programs, I have my favourite airlines and I have experienced both good and bad stuff there. However, I never before had any problems with my baggage. I guess, I was lucky, because I have heard various stories about it and, knowing math, statistics and probability theory, I was expecting that this would happen. I was mentally prepared.


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Lotsa fun today

I had a possibility today to test ride some bikes. There were many options, but I eventually chose 3 models:

Honda was somehow very sensitive on low gears. Slightest turn of my wrist made me shiver a little, because it felt soooo… unpredictable. Maybe you just need to get used to it, dunno.  Anyway, this jerky acceleration wasn’t as bad compared to my experience on the second bike – KTM Duke.

I have never ridden supermoto before so every turn felt like a big challenge. I even tried to stick out my leg, like motocross riders do, but it felt completely wrong nonetheless.

Yamaha R6The last one, Yamaha R6, was a great surprise. Yes, sitting position isn’t made for long tours, but despite this everything else was outstanding. Easy to turn, smooth to accelerate, enough power to satisfy almost everyone. Very, very nice bike. I had a blast with it and I definitely want it now…

Censorship in Russia

Advocates of censorship always say that they are thinking about how to protect the minds of good, true citizens. Of course, this is just another version of propaganda – if your citizens can’t access “bad” information, they will be accessing something else – something, what could direct them to “the right” thoughts.

It’s sad that in the 21th century some politicians are still thinking that this is a viable path. And although Russia has a long history of media control, I just can’t imagine, what some bureaucrat could possibly have been thinking, when he banned following video:

According to drug and/or vodka influenced mind of some Russian government official, this video promotes suicide and shouldn’t be watched by the good citizens. Illogical? Well, we are talking about censorship here – it lacks logic by definition.

Meanwhile in Russia

I won’t be ranting about severity of the sentence for “Pussy Riot” activist group. Well, I am even not one of their supporters – I think that they acted like some stupid teenagers(although they aren’t teenagers per se), but it was interesting to watch the show trial. It showed the true colours of the current Russian regime. Pussy Riot

From the beginning it was obvious for pretty much everyone how the trial would end. I can’t resist to present a quote from the sentence: Continue reading Meanwhile in Russia

Internet Defense League

As you have probably noticed, there is a notification bar urging you to join Internet Defense League(IDL). IDL is a coalition of pro-Internet activists, websites, organizations and politicians. Mozilla, Reddit, Imgur, WordPress and many others have joined the initiative already. IDL’s purpose is to defend Internet’s freedom from anti-Internet movement popular in some circles. Do you hate PIPA/SOPA? Have you protested against ACTA? Well, then join IDL and be informed when a new threat to our freedom arises. If you have your own project, you can add small script to your web page, and when another threat, like ACTA-2, appears on the horizon, your users will be informed about it and they will be able to help combat this threat. Let’s stop the enemies of the Internet. If you won’t do this, then who will?

Member of The Internet Defense League


Only two weeks have passed since the famous SOPA blackout day. SOPA and PIPA were stopped and rightly so, but another danger looms on the horizon. Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement aka ACTA was developed by the same parties to achieve the same goals. Developed in secret. Developed to stomp our freedoms and to give even more power to the corporations. The world of the cyberpunk novels is coming and governments are eager to turn our society into dystopia. Politicians talk about the human rights and freedoms, but enact fascist policies. We are so used to hypocrisy of lawmakers that we do not notice it.

Do you think that more power to copyright holders is a good thing? Would you enjoy random searches on a border without a warrant? Are you comfortable with the fact that your ISP will be forced to spy on you? Do you think that DRM circumvention for ANY reason should be punishable by law? No? Then let your representatives in the government hear your voice. Read the agreement, sign the petition, support FSF and act while it is still not too late. Act to protect your rights, your privacy, your freedom.


Books in My Life

Today I was talking with my colleagues and somehow we started talking about books. I have expressed regret that for the last 3-4 years I almost have no time to read the books. I read a lot in the past and now I’m able to read only about 30 books per year. This ain’t much! At least I don’t feel that this is much. On the other hand, my colleagues thought that this is kinda large amount. They said that there are people, which haven’t read as much in their entire life. Well, that’s probably true, but I still don’t think that 30 books per year is a lot. I just enjoy reading and I can’t understand people, who say that it drives them to sleep.