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You can increase your productivity with a computer by a large margin, if you know hot-keys and shortcuts for programs you are using. But when we check the manuals for the programs’ shortcuts – we often forget about  the most important rule:

  • To learn a hot-key combination – you need to use it. Often.

Because of this, we are stuck only with a set of basic hot-keys’ combinations. It’s insufficient to know that “$” moves to an end of the line in vim. Your body, your fingers – they need to remember this too.

I stumbled upon this wonderful website designed specifically for this task – ShortcutFoo. You can learn there shortcuts for vim, unix console and, if you are heretic – emacs. Well, it isn’t limited to that. You can even create your own customized learning plans. Very, very useful website. Hopefully, I will be able to memorize even the most cryptic vim commands, in my quest to become the true keyboard cowboy. 🙂

Internet Defense League

As you have probably noticed, there is a notification bar urging you to join Internet Defense League(IDL). IDL is a coalition of pro-Internet activists, websites, organizations and politicians. Mozilla, Reddit, Imgur, WordPress and many others have joined the initiative already. IDL’s purpose is to defend Internet’s freedom from anti-Internet movement popular in some circles. Do you hate PIPA/SOPA? Have you protested against ACTA? Well, then join IDL and be informed when a new threat to our freedom arises. If you have your own project, you can add small script to your web page, and when another threat, like ACTA-2, appears on the horizon, your users will be informed about it and they will be able to help combat this threat. Let’s stop the enemies of the Internet. If you won’t do this, then who will?

Member of The Internet Defense League

Upcoming EU data law

My faith in our politicians is somehow restored. The EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding and the German Federal Minister for Consumer Protection, Ilse Aigner, met in Brussels for a consultation this week to draw up proposals for the EU’s new data protection directive to be presented in January 2012.

EU law should require that consumers give their explicit consent before their data are used. And consumers generally should have the right to delete their data at any time, especially the data they post on the internet themselves.

I’m wondering, how anti-privacy companies, like Facebook, will change their services after this proposal is accepted.

What to do when government turns off the Internet?

Bruce Sutherland, a network systems architect and software developer, explained at DefCon 19 conference how to send your message to the Internet, when your government have blocked the access to it. For this you will need ham radio, an antenna and your brains. I am not very good with all this “analog stuff”, I’m digital guy, but I think that this video is very interesting nonetheless and it should be especially useful for the people living in the Middle East.

Top 5 DDoS Attacks of 2011

Corero Network Security has decided to release a report on DDoS attacks, which took place in this year. Well, I think, it’s too early to write such report, the year isn’t over yet, but apparently they wanted to be the first ones to present such report. The list isn’t new, but it is somehow curious, because it shows us that any web service could be disrupted with a well coordinated DDoS attack. Anyway, pretty much anyone who reads IT related news will be familiar with their top 5 list:

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Cryptographical Arms Race

Iranian government’s position on civil liberties is widely known. They even managed to acquire the infamous “Enemies of the Internet” title. This title, pretty much like every other one, requires constant vindication. The Iranian government knows this and battles any means to access unrestricted Internet, such as Tor, which provides censorship free Internet for tens of thousands of the Iranian people.

Iran tried to block Tor traffic in January. They tried to do this few days ago. Unsuccessfully. Fix was released in the same day. Fail.

This arms race is very entertaining. Well, maybe not so much, if you are one of those oppressed people. However, a loser in this fight is kinda predictable. Yes, I mean the Iranian government. So, grab some popcorn and wait for Iran’s next move.

Yahoo RIP

Looks like that a history of the biggest Google competitor is over. Yahoo puts itself for sale, just after firing its CEO. Yahoo wasn’t perfect, but it was trying to rival almighty Google. That was good enough reason to support it. Monopoly ain’t good from a consumer’s perspective. Any monopoly. Now we will have only one major player in the search engine market. All hail our Google overlords!