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Tips&Tricks – Serial Number

Sometimes you need to find out your server’s serial number. You can need this for various reasons – maybe for accounting, or, because you are contacting tech. support. Of course, you can do this in a traditional way and check a label on you server, but most of the time it’s too troublesome. Naturally, it can be solved in much more convenient way:

dmidecode -t system | grep Serial

But first, you will need to:

emerge dmidecode

It’s simple, it’s handy and it saved me lots of time in the past.

The State of Gentoo

Gentoo Linux is my distro of choice, so, it goes without saying that I follow closely any news related to it. Donnie Berkholz, one of the current active developers and PR lead, has published kinda interesting article on the current state of Gentoo development. Even if you prefer a different flavour of Linux, it still may be worth it to check this out. Oh, well, I’m just trying to convert you… 🙂

Donnie mentions the lack of volunteers, so if you can do anything for the community, and, more importantly, you are willing to help, check Gentoo recruitment page.