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Stopping the unstopable

Is it possible to put the genie back into a bottle? U.S. senator Al Franken thinks so. He would like to implement regulations of the facial recognition technology. As much as I dislike this scary technology and would like to have my privacy protected as much as it is possible, I do not think that the regulations would change anything. They won’t stop, for sure, government agencies from spying on us. Same goes for the big corporations, like Facebook – they have build profiles on millions of people already. Can we ban software? Maybe in some crazy politician’s wet dream. Soon we will have cameras identifying us in the real time, and as terrifying as it is – it’s unavoidable.

Only thing we can do – implement the better data protection laws. Every company, which is responsible for a leak of our data, should be punished severely. Person(s) responsible for a leak should have long term vacation in a nearest jail. And definitely, all the resale of our private data should be prohibited. Can’t keep our data safe? Find another business model!

Facial Recognition Service from FBI

Facial recognition technology, which we have been seeing in the movies for ages, will make an appearance in the USA next year, courtesy of FBI:

Today, an agent would have to already know the name of an individual to pull up the suspect’s mug shot from among the 10 million shots stored in the bureau’s existing Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System. Using the new Next-Generation Identification system that is under development, law enforcement analysts will be able to upload a photo of an unknown person; choose a desired number of results from two to 50 mug shots; and, within 15 minutes, receive identified mugs to inspect for potential matches. Users typically will request 20 candidates, Megna said. The service does not provide a direct match.


More On Facial Recognition

Here is yet another video from Black Hat USA 2011 security conference,  as a continuation to the topic I brought up before.

This video is invaluable to anyone, who wants to know more about a current situation in facial recognition technology. Yeah, it’s kinda long(almost like a movie!), but it’s worth your time. Unfortunately, looks like that our future will be such as some authors of the dystopian fiction predicted. Privacy is a thing of the past, even if you don’t use any social service.

Inevitability of Facial Recognition

I’m not a Luddite. When it comes to science and progress, I’m all for it. But some technologies are really scary. I’m not talking about a nuclear energy, genetic engineering or cloning. They are fine by me. I’m talking about the facial recognition. Our world more and more looks like a William Gibson’s cyberpunk novel. I like cyberpunk genre, but I’m not sure if I would like to live in such a world. Just think of all possible misuses of this technology: the governments will become even more Orwellian Big Brother alike, advertisements will become even more intrusive and creepy, identity thefts and other kinds of fraud even more common and much more sophisticated. Those are the downsides. Now, lets consider the benefits this technology gives us. Well… I can think of nothing positive about this technology, nothing positive at all…
Eventually we will get over it and accept it, we can’t change this, because progress can’t be averted, but it’s scary nonetheless.