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EU court advocates sanity

In spite of Europe’s many flaws, I think that it’s still the best region on the Earth to live. Once again the EU court shows sanity. According to Reuters, functions offered by software can’t be protected by copyright.  Yves Bot, an advocate-general at the Luxembourg-based EU Court of Justice (ECJ), said:

If it were accepted that a functionality of a computer program can be protected as such, that would amount to making it possible to monopolize ideas, to the detriment of technological progress and industrial development.

Upcoming EU data law

My faith in our politicians is somehow restored. The EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding and the German Federal Minister for Consumer Protection, Ilse Aigner, met in Brussels for a consultation this week to draw up proposals for the EU’s new data protection directive to be presented in January 2012.

EU law should require that consumers give their explicit consent before their data are used. And consumers generally should have the right to delete their data at any time, especially the data they post on the internet themselves.

I’m wondering, how anti-privacy companies, like Facebook, will change their services after this proposal is accepted.

Should Greece default?

Even if you are not from EU, the Greek debt crisis affects you. All the world markets react to the news about their situation, but, truth be told, I’m already tired of reading about their slow agony. Time has come for a coup de grâce. As Mario Blejer has said, “Greece should default, and default big. A small default is worse than a big default and also worse than no default.” It will be better for us all. Yes, it will be painful, but delaying the inevitable is even worse.