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IPv6 Support

As it is common for IT conferences, FOSDEM has had Wi-Fi available for all. Only IPv6 though. No IPv4. It put me to shame, because I realised that I could not check my email and reach my blog in these circumstances. This gave me enough motivation to go through IPv6 certification program from Hurricane Electric. They provide almost no theoretical information to go through, only practical tasks. You need to figure out by yourself how to complete them. Challenging? Not really, but I’ve learned a lot about IPv6 while googling and researching about each task. I can recommend it for everyone interested in the subject!My certificate
By the way, because these were very practical tasks, at the end I got a completely working IPv6 setup on my server. I can be sure that I’ll be able to check my mail now in IPv6-only environment.

Automatic Proxy Configuration

If there are lots of exceptions, or, if you use several proxies in your network, one browser’s proxy configuration can become a hassle. If you need to configure tens or hundreds of computers, be prepared for a major pain. Well, only, if you don’t know about proxy auto-config and web proxy auto-discovery. And, according to my experience, many system administrators have no knowledge of these possibilities. Even if you don’t need to configure lots of computers, you may find this information useful. For example, if you are a laptop user and need to swap different proxies depending on your current network.

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