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Lotsa fun today

I had a possibility today to test ride some bikes. There were many options, but I eventually chose 3 models:

Honda was somehow very sensitive on low gears. Slightest turn of my wrist made me shiver a little, because it felt soooo… unpredictable. Maybe you just need to get used to it, dunno.  Anyway, this jerky acceleration wasn’t as bad compared to my experience on the second bike – KTM Duke.

I have never ridden supermoto before so every turn felt like a big challenge. I even tried to stick out my leg, like motocross riders do, but it felt completely wrong nonetheless.

Yamaha R6The last one, Yamaha R6, was a great surprise. Yes, sitting position isn’t made for long tours, but despite this everything else was outstanding. Easy to turn, smooth to accelerate, enough power to satisfy almost everyone. Very, very nice bike. I had a blast with it and I definitely want it now…