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Archiving Webcomics

I enjoy reading webcomics in my spare time, but they have one common disadvantage. Well… uh… they are all web- and this means that they are accessible only online. It can be useful to be able to read your favourite webcomic offline. Or maybe you just want to back it up, just in case. Websites have a tendency to go down. In any case, you can easily archive them via command line.

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Universal Backup Script

A few days ago I promised to show you an example of backup script. I was thinking of something simple, but later on I decided to upload the script I use myself. It’s kind of complicated, so you’ll need some explanation beforehand.
Some time ago I decided that I want a universal backup solution for all my servers. I didn’t want to tailor backup script specifically for each and every server. I wanted to have one common tool. Easier said than done. It’s easy to find such a solution, when you have the same system on all your servers, but I need to backup various kinds of Linux, SunOS and HP-UX. That was the main problem. All modern Linux distributions have rsync utility by default. This tool makes our life easier. SunOS and HP-UX, on the other hand, do not have such option. At least in my case. Most HP-UX installations even didn’t have ssh client installed. So, I came with a plan to use:

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To back up, or not to back up…

Every so often any IT resource reminds its readers about the importance of the backups. Time has come for me to write about it.
Most people undervalue backups until some disaster happens and they lose some(or even all) of their important files. Just imagine that you could lose all your family photos, business contacts and years of correspondence in one blow. I understood the importance of the backups, when both disks in RAID 1 disk array died simultaneously and I had to restore the whole system from scratch.

Most articles I’ve seen didn’t bother to explain, why you need to back up one or another directory. It’s fine for expert readers, but it really pissed me off, when I was making my first steps in the Linux world. I would like to start from the theory behind the backups.

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