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Patent Trolling from Apple

First of all, I need to say that I like MacBooks. Apple makes really good Unix-based laptops. I can’t say the same about their phones, but alas… like Germans say – “Jedem das Seine“.

And I really hate the patent wars. Patent system is at the moment broken, probably everybody agrees with that. If at first it appeared that Apple just couldn’t create nothing innovative for the last few years and they thought that they would punish the competition by suing everybody, now they decided to bring this to the entirely new level and act as the real patent trolls. Apparently it’s now forbidden to produce any device with stylus, if you are not Apple. They probably have forgotten Steve Jobs’ opinion on the subject and Apple also ignores the fact that styli were used by ancient Romans already. With the amount of crap their lawyers make each day, they should be banned from courts…

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