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Perfect SSL in Apache

Thanks to Edward Snowden we have learned a lot about threats from various(although mostly US) governments. We started to think more about secure technologies and cryptography. I was advertising high security standards even before the Snowden’s leaks. Some of my friends thought that I was being paranoid. Now everyone knows better than to trust RSA or any of their products. Everyone is aware of malware designed by intelligence agencies. Universal snooping isn’t an Orwell’s fantasy anymore, it’s reality.

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Automatic Proxy Configuration

If there are lots of exceptions, or, if you use several proxies in your network, one browser’s proxy configuration can become a hassle. If you need to configure tens or hundreds of computers, be prepared for a major pain. Well, only, if you don’t know about proxy auto-config and web proxy auto-discovery. And, according to my experience, many system administrators have no knowledge of these possibilities. Even if you don’t need to configure lots of computers, you may find this information useful. For example, if you are a laptop user and need to swap different proxies depending on your current network.

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