Inevitability of Facial Recognition

I’m not a Luddite. When it comes to science and progress, I’m all for it. But some technologies are really scary. I’m not talking about a nuclear energy, genetic engineering or cloning. They are fine by me. I’m talking about the facial recognition. Our world more and more looks like a William Gibson’s cyberpunk novel. I like cyberpunk genre, but I’m not sure if I would like to live in such a world. Just think of all possible misuses of this technology: the governments will become even more Orwellian Big Brother alike, advertisements will become even more intrusive and creepy, identity thefts and other kinds of fraud even more common and much more sophisticated. Those are the downsides. Now, lets consider the benefits this technology gives us. Well… I can think of nothing positive about this technology, nothing positive at all…
Eventually we will get over it and accept it, we can’t change this, because progress can’t be averted, but it’s scary nonetheless.

Automating Usenet file preparation

I like writing scripts and creating new tools. My friends know about this and sometimes ask for help. I do not mind. It’s good to write a new script from time to time. It helps to improve my scripting skills(also it helps me remember the stuff I already know, which is even more important).
This time, my friend asked me to help him automate a process of preparing and uploading files to Usenet. My friend just switched to Linux and he is completely green. If you have some experience with Usenet, you should already know that it is common practice to put the files into multi-volume RAR archives. Parity(.par2) files are also important, they are used to check the integrity and to repair damaged files. So, ideally, you should rar the files you wish to upload and generate some parity files in case someone would need a repair. There are lots of solutions to automate these tasks in Windows, but I couldn’t find good and simple Linux solution, so I decided to create my own RAR/PAR2 wrapper. Maybe someone else will find it useful, so I’ll present you this simple bash script with explanations.
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