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Aeroflot? Never again!

I travel a lot. I do it for both personal and business reasons.  I travel by car, by train and, of course, by plane. The latter is especially important in my life, because sometimes I feel like George Clooney’s character from “Up in the Air” movie. I know differences between various frequent flyer programs, I have my favourite airlines and I have experienced both good and bad stuff there. However, I never before had any problems with my baggage. I guess, I was lucky, because I have heard various stories about it and, knowing math, statistics and probability theory, I was expecting that this would happen. I was mentally prepared.


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Spring in Vilnius

Spring has finally arrived in Lithuania. The second half of the last week was warm and (mostly) sunny. It was superb weather for all kinds of trips. It is good occasion on its own and it becomes even better, when it coincides with something like an arrival of a friend. My friend from Moscow decided to visit Lithuania and I gladly showed him around.

Of course, we had mandatory trip to Trakai, but we have spent most of our time in Vilnius. Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, has rich history and you can definitely find something to your liking.

Neris and Vilnius City
Neris and Vilnius City

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Trip to Trakai

If you are planning to go to Lithuania and you are wondering where to go there, I can recommend Trakai. It’s a very nice historic city with Trakai Island Castle – a major tourist attraction. Today I went there with my cousin and, basically, I go there with all my friends from other countries, when they come to visit me. It is one of the “must see” places in Lithuania.

Trakai Island Castle
Trakai Island Castle

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Fun Geography Exam

Most of the time, if I encounter some mini-game/test on Internet, I do not bother to check them out, because they are kinda trivial and stupid, but this mini-game should be interesting to all the travelers out there. Do you know the world around you really well?
How Well Do You Know Your World?
I must admit, my knowledge of Geography is not superb. For example, South&Central Africa and the most parts of Asia are mysteries to me. Well, I hope to travel there sometime in the future. It should improve my knowledge, right? 🙂