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Aeroflot? Never again!

I travel a lot. I do it for both personal and business reasons.  I travel by car, by train and, of course, by plane. The latter is especially important in my life, because sometimes I feel like George Clooney’s character from “Up in the Air” movie. I know differences between various frequent flyer programs, I have my favourite airlines and I have experienced both good and bad stuff there. However, I never before had any problems with my baggage. I guess, I was lucky, because I have heard various stories about it and, knowing math, statistics and probability theory, I was expecting that this would happen. I was mentally prepared.


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I watched the movie called “Citizenfour” today. I am not a fan of documentary movies, but this time I made an exception, because this is a film about Edward Snowden. I made my position regarding Edward Snowden clear on this blog multiple times: he is a hero of our times. Without his leaks the general public wouldn’t be aware of the threat posed by the US(and their closest allies) to our freedoms. Without his leaks only security minded few(myself included) would worry about encryption and privacy. Without his leaks life would be definitely different.Film's poster

If you were following all the events related to his persona, you will find nothing new in the movie. It can be still a good recap though. However, if you have missed his story(partially or entirely), I suggest you to download it(and yes, you can download it legally – it’s in public domain now) and watch it – incredibly good storytelling won’t leave you indifferent. This film is not your regular documentary. It’s more like a thriller. Even if you know from the beginning who good and bad guys are, you will find it enjoyable. I guess it’s the reason why the film has won the Oscar. Therefore, download it, watch it and spread the word.

FrOSCon 2014

Just came back from FrOSCon. I was really impressed by quality of the event. Lots of people, interesting lectures. I’ve learned quite a lot about new(and not so new) open source products, deepened my knowledge in two factor authentication(especially in LinOTP, which looks like very promising product – I’ll definitely implement it wherever I can), gained some insights into logging and monitoring.

And the best part: ticket costed only 5€ – they were the best 5€ I’ve ever spent.

New York – Surveillance City

Microsoft together with the New York Police Department created a system which allows the officials to tap into live video feeds, check environmental sensors, get the data from license plate readers and query law enforcement databases at the same time.

Sounds familiar, right? The good, ol’ cyberpunk. Well, at least in the cyberpunk stories there was always a possibility to hack into such systems. I’m wondering, how it was created here. Because of Microsoft – it probably has some decade old security holes. And imagine the possibilities of misuse of this system by the police officers – spying on their wifes, colleagues, neighbors. Of course, everything sounds nice in the article from the NY Mayor – Michael Bloomberg.

Hidden Camera – View from the other side

Imagine that you have purchased a brand new laptop and found a record from the laptop’s integrated camera, where assembly process is exhibited. Sounds impossible? Well, that just happened to this Swedish user. Apparently, a camera test is part of the assembly procedure on Chinese HP factory, but, of course, normally a hard drive should be wiped afterwards. But humans tend to err and now we have this unique possibility to watch how laptops are assembled. But do not expect much – a factory labour is boring like hell by definition.

Kaspersky – who is he?

Wired has an intriguing article about one prominent computer security figure –  Eugene Kaspersky, co-founder of Kaspersky Lab and creator of famous Kaspersky Anti-Virus. I have mixed feelings about him. As the man who achieved so much, he is genius, no less. He also shares my dislike of social networks, but he is also an enemy of free Internet and eager Putin’s supporter. Anyway, this is a very interesting read about an extraordinary man, be sure to check it out.

Photo of Eugene from Wikipedia