Welcome to my blog, dear reader!

Every story needs a hero and hero of this story would be me, Tadeuš Dobrovolskij. Yes, it isn’t easy to pronounce in English(although it more or less similar to how you pronounce Tadeush), so just call me Tad as my English speaking friends do.

I was born and spent most of my life in Lithuania. I got my Bachelor degree there, worked for a few years and decided that I want a challenge, I want to test myself and moved to another country. Currently I am employed as an IT consultant, specializing in DevOps(dev part consists mostly of ruby and php), virtualisation(KVM, VMware), automation(ansible, VMwareAPI) and Linux security.

My Linux experience is quite a long one. I installed my first Linux distro(Mandrake 7.2) in year 2000. I experimented with various other distributions afterwards: RedHat(there was no RHEL or Fedora then), Slackware, Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo. I have tried working with *BSD systems. And this was all done for fun. Professionally I have worked with many other UNIXes. It’s difficult to tell which distro I like the most now. They all have different advantages and disadvantages. I like Gentoo; I liked Debian, before they have switched to SystemD, but there is no perfect distro for me. Maybe it’s the time to built my own and maybe I’ll do it, who knows. 🙂

I like the whole “Open Source” concept and try to contribute myself. If you are interested in my open source projects, feel free to check my github page.

I won’t bore you with other details. You should just know that I am a man of many hobbies: motorcycles, martial arts, diving, parachuting, literature, finance, politics, running, body-building, poker, travel. You get the picture. And this list isn’t even complete. Yeah, this is me. Everything interests me, I am always eager to try something new. This blog is like this too: I will cover here whatever I fancy. At this point of time I write mostly about Linux, but there is no set topic, no specific rules or deadlines I follow. I write about whatever comes to my mind, whatever interests me at one particular point of time. Feel free to read and comment. Feedback if always welcome too.

Just be aware that there is a pre-moderation for new commenters(first comment needs to be approved by me) and simple captcha to pass – nothing to worry about, if you are a human.

I don’t list my email addresses online, because I hate spam, but if you wish to contact me privately, you should know that I aim to be RFC compliant and you can contact me by writing to one of common support addresses listed in RFC2142.

The Way of Tad