In never-ending pursuit for knowledge, I spent this weekend at FOSDEM conference. The event was big… no, big isn’t the right word. It was HUGE! And totally free(as in beer)!FOSDEM 2015

Despite exceptional price and massive attendance not everything was perfect. Small parking space, constantly full rooms and regular trips between different campus’ buildings were the biggest annoyances for me.

Talks, as always, were uneven. Some were great, some were mediocre at best. Some were insightful, some weren’t. Nonetheless I enjoyed the event.

First day was a ruby day for me – I have spent most of the Saturday in a ruby dev room. Learned about Rubinius. Listened to Emily Stolfo, who had exactly the same experience with C extensions for ruby as I did. Found out about concurrent-ruby gem, which I am planning to try out now. Attended an interesting presentation about development of MRI.

Koichi Sasada, Zachary Scott and Terence Lee
Koichi Sasada, Zachary Scott and Terence Lee

My second day at the conference contained much more variety: HTTP2 protocol, atomic clocks, advantages of PTP and even SystemD.

Yes, the most hated guy of open source community was also giving a talk at FOSDEM. I didn’t miss a chance to attend his presentation, to find out what exactly he would be forcing on us in the future. Built-in firewall, DNS client, containers, DHCP, logging in JSON format, NTP client and even UEFI secure boot – this is the list of things which are on different stages of being merged into an init system. It’s broken by design, but Lennart, of course, has different view:

It will be basically much nicer than everything what we have had before.

But as long as we have gentoo, everything should be OK. And Lennart can proceed integrating GTA5 into the core of Linux.

On a final note, I just wanted to share the following picture, where you can see how Belgian open source looks like:

Belgian Linux
Belgian Linux

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