v0.47 and what comes next?

ruby logoYesterday I’ve released sanguinews v0.47 and this release marks the end of alpha stage. It doesn’t mean that the software is bug free. It means that I am quite happy with it and it should be able to provide desired results. If there are some bugs(and I presume that there are) – I don’t know about them at the moment. So, I will need your help. Use it, test it, inform me of any strange behavior. Bugs need to be crushed!

In the meantime, I will be improving the “progressbar” feature. Currently it displays only the average speed. I will be adding “ETA” and some kind of actual, moving progress/status bar. One more thing that I would like to see in my program is the capability to tweak headers. I am fan of Gentoo distribution. I like tinkering with the system and I think that a user should have as much freedom and options as it’s possible. Usenet’s standards include quite a lot of headers. Some are required, some are taken by usenet providers, but there are some that could be used, for any reason, by us. I will make sure that there is an easy way to change them.

What I will do after that? No idea. Time will tell, but at the moment I am still having fun and it means that I will continue improving this particular project of mine.

11 thoughts on “v0.47 and what comes next?”

  1. Dont forget the headercheck function 😛
    I saw a lot of testposts via nzbindex that where terribly incomplete.
    I think a simple 1 . 2 .. 3 % display is enough to give a good feedback to the user.

    Astraweb for example allows to post with only a name like “bob” but Usenetserver needs a name and an email behind that. Jbinup(java upload tool) for example enforces a posted from name like Usenetserver requires …with an email and so on. Is this important for the config of sanguinews or can sanguinews deal with only a pure name ?

    1. There is currently no input validation. It means that you can enter whatever you want, just be sure that your usenet provider allows it.
      I was planning validation for subject prefixes, because yEnc specification bans few char combinations.

  2. Do you plan on being able to specify different groups the same way you can in newsmangler and then using the -g option to choose which group you post to.

    It would be great if you could pass multiple directories to the program as well.

    When I tried it out using a usenet username formatted as “user@name.com” it wasn’t able to connect. But it works fine with my other account which doesn’t have the @ or . characters

    1. 1. I didn’t see a need for this until now. I’ll think about it.
      2. This feature is planned and will appear in some of future releases.
      3. Are you able to connect to the same usenet provider with the first username in some other client? No validation/character removal is done in this part of the code. Username is passed as it is to a server.

  3. Hi, I tried out the latest version and while I was able to run it smoothly, none of the files or directories that I “uploaded” appeared on any indexes. I’m very confused since the program spent a fair amount of time “uploading”, showing the speed and all. I’m not sure where the files actually went to. Can you double check the program is working like it should?

    1. The program still has some problems, but the inability to upload isn’t one of them. Could you tell me which group you were uploading to? Which company provides you with access to Usenet?

  4. I don’t know if you prefer posts here or on github but there’s more here so…

    I tried rarnpar/sanguinews for the first time today and here’s some feedback:
    1. zentest is broken. It isn’t your program but sanguinews requires it so maybe warn people? This problem still exists https://github.com/seattlerb/zentest/issues/40

    2. I also got incomplete uploads of and 30meg archive. I tried one that is 8m and seemed ok. I see this is an issue #1 on git. http://www.nzbindex.nl/search/?poster=foxtrot_romeo+%3Cwhatever%40example.com%3E&more=1

    3. I was only able to post using my backup block account (newsgroupdirect). My main account (frugalusenet) just kept giving: Connection nr. 0 has failed. Reconnecting…
    Can you help with this?

    I’m on Debian testing using ruby 1.9.1.
    This programs fills hole on linux so thanks!

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