Unrests in Russia

“Politics in Russia” is kinda interesting topic. Russia has major influence on the world’s affairs and because of that, nobody can be fully impartial on what’s going there. I have many friends from Russia and all of them have been talking only about Duma elections for the past few days. Well, to be precise, they have been talking about the election fraud. Although Medvedev has ordered to investigate the alleged vote rigging, no one truly believes in his sincerity, because all vote rigging was done in the favour of the ruling party, “United Russia”.

Russians for the most part do not care about democracy and I can understand them. If government is effective and people in the government do their job, the form of government doesn’t really matter. But current government of Russia is neither effective, nor democratic. Actually, because of their corruption, “United Russia” is now commonly referred to as “Party of Crooks and Thieves”.

People of Russia are more or less contempt about the economical state of the country and unemployment rates. It’s corruption that drives them to the streets.  Kenneth Rapoza, author from Forbes, summarized this nicely:

It’s not that Russians are angry about economic policy, or unemployment. The economy is not growing as fast as the other big emerging markets, but as Putin has pointed out, it is doing better than it did under the Communists. Voters are mostly fed up with corruption. Transparency International ranks Russia as the most corrupt of the big emerging markets, even more corrupt than some countries in Africa.

Can some other party change this? I don’t know. Russians don’t know either. But it is obvious that “United Russia” just doesn’t care. And if people won’t show their mistrust for the government, nothing will change, that’s for sure.

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